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CaliRado Rally

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1 CaliRado Rally on Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:34 pm

CaliRado Rally

Challenges: (5 points for coming in first, 3 points for coming in second, 1 point for coming in 3rd. -5 points for opting out)

Drag Race


dirt track rally

car jump

water fording

Parallel parking

Gas station to gas station fuel mileage challenge

Impress a girl challenge

Push your car drag race

Car in reverse rally

Blind team test. Driver gets blindfolded, navigator navigates

Scavenger Hunt Points:

1 point:

per picture of three a legged dog

per picture of a person holding cats outside of their property

per picture shaking hands between teammate and people with mullets

per picture of team mate with "Worlds Biggest..."

per item placed on layaway over $50 in value

per used dog collar

per photo of hookers

per graffiti with religious themes

per karaoke song sang in an establishment

per unique category job application filled out (if you fill one out for McDonald's, you can't do any other fast food joints)

per unique pint glass stolen from a bar/restaurant

Per photo riding or sitting bitch on a motorcycle

Per miniature golf golf-club

Per signature on your body with magic marker (must be on upper/lower torso or head/neck. No arms or legs)

2 points:

per Trucker Hat

Photo of teammate with angriest looking townie

Most offensive beer coozie

Picture with the ugliest woman

Picture with the ugliest child under ten years old

Most photos of pot dispensaries

per different backyard with a trampoline that you do a back or front flip on

Per "Rapist Van" tagged with "Free Candy"

Per photo of animals engaging in intercourse.

Per unique photo of two girls kissing

City population sign from Nevada/Utah with the highest population

Per geocaching cache stolen

3 points:

per picture of teammate with horse mounted police

per picture of teammate touching African mammals (one photo per species)

Most photos of vanity license plates

per picture of teammates riding homeless men like beasts of burden

Longest cactus spine

Most hotel bibles

Most sponsorship style stickers applied to car

Most obscure car manufacture's hubcap

Photo of a teammate standing on the roof of the tallest building (must have the building from the ground up in the shot)

Per residential house on fire

City population sign from Nevada/Utah with the lowest population

Per photo of someone (not a teammate or competitor) riding on your shoulders

Video of driving through a Chinese food restaurant drive-through backwards

4 points:

Most gentlemen's magazines purchased from gas stations

Largest, decorative ceramic object

Most cattle skulls

Most light-up, delivery car roof signs

Picture with a teammate and a person with the fewest teeth

Most photographs of currently worn Crocs

Post card from the least exciting place

Photo of the car with the most visible people in it (it can be your own)

Photo of the most ladies holding you up

Cheapest, before tax, purchased bottle of vodka at least 750ml

5 points:

per picture with police pulling you over without getting a ticket

Heaviest piece of road construction equipment

Most lewd picture with a statue

Largest pair of women's underwear, used

Most business cards from undertakers

Most expensive hospital bill

Most expensive auto repair quote

Photo of teammate and cheapest listed gas price

Photo of a man with a tramp stamp

Video of teammate pushing a shopping cart/Home Depot cart into their car the hardest

10 points:

Largest number of different kinds of spiders (still alive)

Most memorabilia from conquered women along the way

Picture of teammate sitting in dirtiest bathroom.

Per piece of body jewelry (non-earring) given or stolen from a new acquaintance

The value of any non-US change converted to dollars is a point bonus equal to the dollar value

Any hitchhikers or other people riding in your car are considered part of your team for the duration of their ride and count as team members for the challenges and scavenger hunt


Permanent tattoo of the race logo or your team logo that is at least 9 square inches

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