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Thunderhill September 13th&14th

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1 Thunderhill September 13th&14th on Wed Jun 25, 2014 11:28 am

Here is the application essay so far.  

Come one come all!

Come see the Incredibly Explody Audi A4 at Fraidy Cat Racing's Four Ring Circus!

Headlining the act is the 1998 A4 who's 1.8T(errible) engine could not even hold 5psi of boost for one full day!  See it consume a gallon of water an hour!  What it circle the track slowly, barely passing the Starlet!  Watch the water pour out of the exhaust pipe upon start-up!  Phil doesn't know what he is talking about, an Audi is more than capable of winning!  Maybe this time we will just JB weld the head on rather than use bolts!  

Also, don't miss our side-show attractions!  Such as the Bearded Lady, the Tricycle Riding Bear, trapeze artists and hopefully-not-murderous clowns!  

You can see all of these attractions and more at Thunderhill Raceway this September!

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2 Re: Thunderhill September 13th&14th on Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:05 pm

I say we focus more on the theme and less on how terrible the Audi is... it makes me sad

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